Friday, October 31, 2008

Some Ca Election Spots

Just being a koyote...

...For Eric Quesada, who's running for supervisor in my district.

From an email I wrote...

A quick YouTube search reveals a wave of grassroots opposition to Prop 6. Most are home-made, amateur videos from young people and youth advocates. The videos come from all across California - SoCal, Central and Silicon Valley and the Bay Area. Some are funny. Some are meant to pull at the heart strings. And others are informational. Yet almost all seem to be against the proposition.

"Well, we don't have the money to do a 30 minute commercial like Obama, or even 30 seconds because airtime is so expensive...But what we do have is people power and this thing is going viral," says Christina "Krea" Gomez of Community Justice Network for Youth (CJNY), a national network of grassroots organizations, service providing agencies, residential facilities and advocacy groups that focus their work on youth of color.

CJNY and their member groups across the state are part of various coalitions to defeat Prop 6, which they say will increase racial disparities and unequal sentencing, lower the age a child can be tried as an adult to 14 and move tax payer dollars from schools and after school programs to prisons. See their blog and YouTube page.

Monday, October 20, 2008

On Palin's ratings bonanza

The vice presidential debate was watched more than each presidential debate, separately of course.

Gov Palin's SNL appearance scored more viewers than any of the presidential contenders, vice or top of the ticket.

There's no getting around it. She makes for good TV. Unfortunately for her, it's of the NASCAR type. We're all just waiting for the next car wreck.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Today's Haiku

on propaganda of 2008 prez election...

human, civil rights
NOT "anti-american,"
accusation IS

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Electoral Maps: An alternative look

ODT uses Peterson Projection and other maps to look at the world in new ways. The image on the left is a different way for reporters and strategists to look at the electoral map.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Battle of the Story: Is it a Bailout? Or a Rescue? Or something else?

Props to my homies over at SmartMeme and PCN for their brainstorm on what all this mess means for those of us who believe in progressvive social change.

Peep their analysis at Changing the Story, SmartMeme's blog.

The recent revelations of economic trouble have produced a barrage of memes in the media and popular culture: meltdown, bailout, rescue package, and Wall Street vs. Main Street. Now, leaders tell us that we are in the midst a new economic reality – a credit crunch, foreclosure crisis, a recession, or another Great Depression.

Even as lawmakers struggle to reframe the $700 billion package as a “Rescue,” the “Bailout” meme remains more potent. The story of free market fundamentalism is unraveling, and the story has changed – but to what?

What does all of this mean for progressive strategy, and what are the stories we can tell about the real impacts and alternatives?

Continue reading.